5 bonnes raisons de créer votre blog de formateur

21 Aug


Mon blog de formateur

Si vous n’avez pas encore franchi le pas, il est temps. Voici cinq raisons de créer votre blog de formateur.

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Handshake, Pound or Hug? A Guide to Not Being Awkward When Greeting Someone

19 Aug

There’s no denying that meeting someone for the first time is awkward in and of itself.

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US Geography (State and Capitals 1)

4 Aug

Learning some of US States and Capitals with this useful video…

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Euro 2012 On ITV – “It’s good to dream”

6 Jul


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Public Speaking & Argumentating

24 Feb

Our Two Kickstarters of Yesterday’s First Exercise :

The Cost of Knowledge : towards an Academic Spring in Science and Maths?

24 Feb

The post that launched the polemic – by Cambridge University Mathematician and Fields Medal Winner Timothy Gowers.

The Economist’s article that has been distributed to you yesterday  and that tells the whole story about the polemic and the boycott.

The website “The Cost of Knowledge”  /Researchers taking a stand against Elsevier” referring to the polemic. Here is what stands on its current front page:

“Academics have protested against Elsevier’s business practices for years with little effect. These are some of their objections:

  1. They charge exorbitantly high prices for subscriptions to individual journals.
  2. In the light of these high prices, the only realistic option for many libraries is to agree to buy very large “bundles”, which will include many journals that those libraries do not actually want. Elsevier thus makes huge profits by exploiting the fact that some of their journals are essential.
  3. They support measures such as SOPA, PIPA and the Research Works Act, that aim to restrict the free exchange of information.”

A recent update by The New York Times:http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/14/science/researchers-boycott-elsevier-journal-publisher.html

Our session project: the shooting of a short video on a student’s day in the French preps

23 Feb

TO LINDA: please send an email to karine.gantin@gmail.com so that I can connect you to your classmates, as they have decided to discuss the project via email.

I’ll be around for the next hours to read your comments, check your own links which you think may be of interest to us, as well as any idea you wish to submit, – all you have to do is use the comment button below. I’m excited to hear from you.