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Al Pacino in “Scent of a woman”: Charlie’s trial scene

23 Feb

A movie’s scene we saw yesterday:

You can also reach out to this wonderful article published by the New Yorker and to some more material below that I sorted out for you so as to let you further expand on your comments of yesterday (esp. the debate about rudeness Vs. aggressivity, and the ways to combat bullying):

The New Yorker striking, clever, both political and sociological article about niceness and fairness as contraries is to be found by clicking on the link, – I highly recommend this reading.

Besides, a recent blog article caught my attention as it addresses human resources practitioners who turn themselves into victims of bullying just like other employees (according to surveys, up to 30% of them!). I wish to share here their accurate, well-informed analysis as well as their advice about what to do – which useful skills should be specifically trained in such circumstances for example.

Please have a look also at this CNN easy-to-understand report featuring a collective, educational response to bullying (=harcèlement):


There is a school program called Sociable Kidz that several schools are beginning to embrace.  This program, designed by two teachers, will focus on the child who is the victim of bullying and teach that child skills to improve his or her confidence and self-esteem.  It also gives them techniques to respond to the bully when a situation arises.  While all this sounds good, what was missing for me in the CNN story was what the schools are doing to address the child who IS the bully.  Are they offering skills training for them?  Do they just punish without correcting the behavior?  Do they get rid of the child by expulsion?” (out of a critical comment on CNN’s report by Blogger Trish on Hrringleader.com).