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The Versatile Blogger Award: Tell 7 interesting things about yourself…

19 Feb

… and nominate 15 other bloggers. Latest, Grammar Girl herself has been given the Award. And that’s how I came across this story. Here below ‘s to read how this famous author of books and Internet tips on good writing managed to provide an answer, in quite a funny way as usual. Just click on the link:


As additional material to this document, I wish to emphasize on what I consider as an interesting topic from a cultural point of view: living off the grid (one element listed by Grammar Girl in her post): this is a VERY American (=US) concept, even if we can refer here also to worldwide environmental movements and the way of life they may infer. Just have a read at both text and comments, – name of the post: What Does Living Off The Grid Mean to You?

Last, despite of its immense value in itself, this is now what came as an introductive video to this topic during the lesson – connecting the dots of one’s life… – in its full version this time :

If necessary, you’ll find plenty of subtitled versions, transcripts and translations of this speech on the Internet.